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Its been a busy couple of weeks, and work has been coming in thick and fast.
first off was an update to the splendour website

full update to the site to go live sometime next week, and then it's just a matter of adding changes (lineup, etc) as we go along in the run up to the festival.

then theres my new personal site, which is aimed at getting more DJ work in. Having done several gigs this month, work is picking up nicely according to my plan for the year. I'll be posting the website info for that hopefully next week once the business cards are ready and the site has been tidied up a little bit more.

on top of this, i am doing a new site for a golf pro, so if you are looking for lessons, give us a prod, and i'll point you in his direction. again, can't post the link yet, as the site is far from ready... but it is taking shape quite nicely, seeing as I only started work on it yesterday!

finally, DJing... congratulations to Hilary & Graham and also to Katie & Kristian, both of whom i had the pleasure of DJing at their weddings this month. they were great nights, and I hope the guests enjoyed it as much as I did!